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4in Twist Tie Dispenser Green (Color Cor

A Simple

Twist to Freshness

With over 33 years experience serving the produce industry, we have found the formula for keeping customers purchases safe from store to table by providing a clean and efficient tie pak to over 20,000 stores across the US. Produce managers love our product, as it helps reduce the stress and time of cleaning up spilled ties.

Our line of products has a range of uses for produce, meat, bakery, and bulk departments, as well as household and agricultural uses. Check out the products in our product store or head to the Contact Us page to get more information on how you can test our product in your store for free!


Our Product

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Rid your store of dirty cups and spilled twist ties. Spilling ties results in a loss of product and can add to waste and time spent picking up. Our tie paks are sanitary, organized and easily refilled. Easily pluck off one twist tie at a time!

Twist-Ease is the go to for shoppers, allowing them to secure their purchases and keep them fresh at home. Keep customers returning by offering the most popular solution!

Our tie pak comes with 1,200 twist ties and can be refilled in seconds. Filling a cup with loose ties is a hassle and often results in spills. Just lift the lever, dispose of empty pak and refill! Our ties are refilled 3x faster and supply more ties than will fit in a cup!

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