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The Twist-Ease Story

Founded in 1989, Twist-Ease has been manufacturing our patented twist tie dispensing system for 33 years. The product was designed by a produce manager who recognized the consumer desire for a reliable bag closure, but was tired of the mess and inconvenience of bulk ties.


The original system has undergone several changes and improvements over the years. These changes have optimized the system, fitting more ties in a smaller design. Our passion for innovation still lives today. Modifications to our products and operation happen every day to better serve you.


The goal of making twist ties easy to use, convenient and mess free has never changed and neither has our commitment to customer service and quality.

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Why Ties?


Use Twist Ties?

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Keeps Purchases Fresh! Closing the bag with a Twist-Tie maintains the atmosphere in the bag, helping keep product fresher.


The Twist-Tie is known to close bread bags, in gardening and secure computer cords together. The bag is most often reused for picking up after pets or recycled in the grocery store’s bag recycling program.


Provides easy access at home! Twist-Ties provide ongoing access and reclosure of the bag while maintaining the bag’s integrity for reuse.


Protects purchase from contact with other surfaces and other foods. Bags protect purchases from running meat juices and keeps the germs and dirt from other surfaces off the items being purchased. Very crucial for dirty checkout conveyors.

The Advantage



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Having a clean and organized department for shoppers drives sales and keeps them coming back!

Time Saving

Spend less time cleaning loose twist ties off the floor and out of produce bins. Fill your ties more efficiently with our 1,200ct tie paks!

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Supply Cost

Ties that fall on the floor are useless and unsanitary! Twist-Ease ties pluck off easily, one at a time!

Customer Preferred

Twist-Ease is the go to favorite for shoppers, allowing them to secure their purchases and easily access them at home.

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Creative Uses

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