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We offer a variety of products in sizes that cater towards home and business use. Whether you are doing arts and crafts, or organizing that pesky drawer full of cords, there is a solution for you!

Items we think you'd like


Our standard mini dispenser. Comes with screws and tape for mounting. Holds 4" twist or banner ties (not included).

4in Dispenser.png
4in Twist Pak.png

Our 4in Twist Tie is great for securing bags, wrapping cords, and doing crafts. Includes 400 ties, and dispenser.

4in Twist Tie

4in Banner Ties

Our 4in Twist Tie is great for labelling and organizing home or business needs. Includes 120 ties, and dispenser.

4in Banner Pak.png

Twist Tie Refill

A pak of 400 Twist Ties to refill your mini dispenser. Available in 5 colors. Dispenser not included.

4in Banner Mini Pak.png

A pak of 120 Banner Ties to refill your mini dispenser. Banner ties provide a writing surface to label and organize. Dispenser not included.

Banner Tie Refill

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